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 You've probably noticed that this community has died.

And despite our members' awesome efforts to keep it alive,

We've decided to close the community.

 Here's a list of great Gerard/MCR related communities for you to join:

I'm not deleting the community, just shutting it down incase one day we want to come back and bring it alive.

Feel free to add me, Alex, and Dan if you wish. I'll be sure and add you back.

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did anybody else catch the The Used concert on Music Choice at 8:00 on channel 6?

I'm just wondering because i saw it and it was spectacular. Too bad they didn't show Mcr. I thought they would seeing that the concert was filmed at the taste of chaos. If you want to know more about it, i posted it on my livejournal.

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gtnonvfeksmvkaremw it's June already!

Kay, this is how we shall do it.

You get to vote for 2 bands, and two bands only.

I shall tally the votes once there's a good amount of votes, or by Friday afternoon, whichever may come first.

Now, start voting!!!